About Me

I am a marketing executive with 15 years of experience in the technology sector working for software, services and consulting firms in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  During my career, I have worked in various industry marketing, product management and strategic planning roles.  In each of these roles my primary focus has been translating the value of individual products, which were largely technology-oriented into business propositions for customers.  You cannot be successful explaining the business value of a technology unless you understand the market pressures each customer faces in their industry.  Consequently, I have invested a considerable amount of time researching the structure and dynamics of vertical industries.  I started with consumer packaged goods in 2001, expanded into pharmaceuticals in 2002 and since then I have spent a significant amount of time marketing and selling into the automotive, banking, health care and telecommunications sectors.  In the process I have accrued a fair amount of knowledge about these industries and opinions on their
As a former high school debate team captain I do enjoy playing “devil’s advocate” when discussing controversial topics.  So in this blog I will be offering alternative perspective on many industry dynamics and challenging many of the popular opinions the media, politicians and academia hold.
This is one of three blogs that I maintain currently so I expect to only be making updates once or twice per month.  The other two blogs are:
• EDInomics on the topic of B2B e-Commerce – http://blogs.gxs.com/keifers
• Outside In Marketing on best practices for corporate marketing – http://outsideinmarketing.wordpress.com
On a personal note, my wife and I reside in Northern Virginia with our son, Jack and daughter, Jane. In my free time, which is increasingly scarce, I enjoy traveling, photography, following college basketball and quoting trivial phrases from 1980s comedy films.

Over the past 20 years I have worked in various marketing, sales, product management and software development roles at Internet, software and management consulting firms. During those experiences I have been able to build, market and sell software to customers in a number of different industries from telecommunications and high tech to banking and health care. Along the way I have acquired a lot of domain expertise in business processes ranging from supply chains and cash management to omni-channel retailing and telecom network provisioning.

Although I don’t have an MBA or even an undergraduate business degree, I’ve developed a passion for understanding how industries work. While you might enjoy reading a murder mystery or science-fiction novel, I would rather read about the history of the airline industry . Understanding your customer’s business processes and industry structures is a critical skill for any marketing leader in today’s economy. (Read my manifesto for details). And on this website I aspire to share some of the more esoteric and poorly documented aspects of various vertical industries.

A little bit about me. When I’m not studying vertical industries, I enjoy watching college basketball, memorizing 80s comedy lines and landscape photography. Currently, I live in the Washington DC area with my wife and three children.

Please note this blog represents my personal views and not that of any employer – past, present or future. Any similarities between issues discussed on this blog and real world events at any employer – past, present or future – is purely coincidental.

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