Play Home Delivery Bingo this Holiday Season

Last December, during a 60 Minutes interview, Jeff Bezos announced his plans for Amazon Prime Air, a service that would deliver packages to consumer’s homes using a fleet of drones. Since then the retail industry has gone absolutely bonkers exploring new ways of delivering packages ordered online to consumer’s homes. Amazon has announced it is testing delivery via taxicabs and bicycle couriers. DHL and Walmart are experimenting with crowdsourcing delivery to random people. eBay and startups like WunWun offer concierge services that will deliver just about anything to your home in less than an hour.   Cardrops in the UK will store packages in your car’s trunk while you are away.  Soon you will be able to order a present on Christmas morning to be delivered in less than one-hour, fully wrapped, just in time for you to put under the tree.

If you find this craziness as fascinating as I do then I would invite you to play Home Delivery Bingo this holiday season.

The rules are the same as in traditional Bingo. Attempt to get five squares in a row – vertically, horizontally or diagonally.   You can get squares in one of four ways:

  1. How you place the order – phone, tablet, PC
  2. How your package is delivered – UPS, FedEx, Bike Courier
  3. Where your package is delivered to – Home, Work, Locker
  4. When your package is delivered – Sunday afternoon, Christmas Eve

The squares get harder as you move down and to the right. Note that it may be impossible to get some of the squares if you don’t live in a hip, trendsetting area where the latest home delivery innovations are being tested.


Here are the clues for each of the squares:

1st Row (Ordered via)

  • PC – Or Mac using a web browser. You are kind of old-fashioned, but give yourself a square anyway.
  • Tablet – Ordered on iPad, Note or other tablet device. You’ve just participated in “Couch Commerce,” take a square.
  • Smart Phone – Ordered on your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other smart phone. You’ve engaged in “Mobile Commerce” take the square.
  • Smart Watch – Ordered on your Pebble, iWatch prototype, Samsung or LG Smart Watch. Congratulations! We weren’t even sure they had shopping apps. Nicely done.
  • Smart Glasses – Ordered via Google Glass or other smart glasses. Stop talking to yourself and take a square.

2nd Row (Delivered Via)

  • FedEx – Ordered online, delivered by FedEx to your home. That’s so 1999, but give yourself a square anyway.
  • UPS – Ordered online, delivered by UPS to your home. Very old-school approach, but reliable. Take a square.
  • White Van – Ordered online, delivered by driver of a sketchy looking unmarked white van (usually a subcontractor to retailers).  Hopefully you didn’t let the driver in the house. Give yourself a square if you are still alive.
  • Bicycle – Ordered online, delivered by bicycle courier like Shutl or Postmates. You must live in New York, London or some other metropolitan area. Give yourself a square for living in a hip, trend setting neighborhood where all the true innovation is happening.
  • Random Person – Ordered online and delivered by a random person who got paid to bring the package to your location (like DHL’s MyWays service in Sweden). You are very “new economy.” Give yourself a square.

3rd Row (Delivered On/In)

  • Sunday Delivery – The US Postal Service now delivers on Sunday! The postman will probably give you a hug for helping him keep his job. But in case he doesn’t, give yourself a square.
  • 1 Hour – Ordered online, delivered by a personal concierge service (eBay Now, Wun Wun) in less than one hour. You are so trendy (and lazy). Take a square.
  • Free – Give yourself a free credit if you think this is all completely ridiculous.
  • December 24th – Ordered online, delivered on December 24th. You daredevil. You played chicken with the supply chain and won. Congratulations, take a square.
  • December 25th – Ordered a toy online Christmas morning and printed it on your new $1500 home 3D printer just before the present opening. Awesome! You are so 2016! Take a square.

4th Row (Delivered To)

  • Post Office – Ordered online, picked at post office. Your grandmother would be proud you are carrying on 20th century traditions. Give yourself a square.
  • Store – Ordered online, picked up at local retail store. You could have bought it at the store, but you saved 4.5 minutes not having to stand in the checkout line. Square up.
  • Locker – Ordered online, picked up at a locker (Google, Amazon) in a random location like a train station or 7-Eleven.   You made your logistics provider’s life easier. Give yourself a square.
  • Work – Ordered online, delivered to your work location. Be sure to tip your office mailroom. Take a square.
  • Car – Ordered online, service such as CarDrops delivers the package to your car trunk. You must be more worried about someone stealing a package from your doorstep then someone stealing your car. Give yourself a square and then go buy a new car.

5th Row (Delivered via)

  • Neighbor – Ordered online and your neighbor got a discount at Walmart in exchange for dropping a package off at your house. Your neighbor now knows what you got your spouse for Christmas, but give yourself a square anyway.
  • Uber – Ordered online and Uber driver dropped it off at your house. You must not live in one of the many other countries where the Uber-Haters rule. Take a square for living in a forward-thinking country.
  • Taxi – Ordered online, delivered by a taxi driver. Now you know what the taxi drivers are doing with their extra time while Uber drives their customers around. Consider yourself enlightened and take a square.
  • Drone – Ordered online, delivered by an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) such as Amazon Prime Air. Congratulations on managing to successfully evade the drone police run by the FAA. Take a square.
  • Santa Claus – Ordered online and delivered by a man with white beard and red suit who came down your chimney on Christmas Eve. Congratulations for being a believer. Take a square.

Click on the link below to download a full size Home Delvery Bingo card to print out.

Home Delivery Bingo 2014

If you can fill in all 25 squares then consider yourself a Home Delivery Super Hero. Report immediately to’s R&D lab in Seattle so you can your take part in the focus groups talking about the next big idea in home delivery.

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