Wearable Tech’s Big Retail Distribution Challenge

Kickstarter is bursting with startups in the wearable technology sector. Not a day goes by without some new entrepreneur or venture backed startup announcing a new gadget that is going to change your life. Companies such as Pebble, Jawbone, Fitbit and GoPro that most people had not heard of 2-3 years ago have now become household names. But big companies are competing the wearable tech sector as well. Samsung and LG have smart watches. Nike and Garmin have activity trackers. Motorola is experimenting with a temporary tattoo that can be used to unlock your cellphone. The startups are predicted to win big, but I think vendors such as Nike, Adidas, Garmin, Samsung, Bose, LG and Motorola have a strong advantage over the cool kids on Indiegogo.

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